Israeli and European Youth Exchanges

During the year 2006 we carried out 7 projects involving 95 youth and young adults. All the projects were with Germany. 4 German youth and young adults came to Israel and 3 went on an exchange to Germany. One of the Israeli outgoing groups was a performing group that performed in Köln, Munster, Ahaus and Amsterdam.

During the year 2007 we carried out 9 projects involving 147 participants.

The projects were with Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Holland. 4 groups came to Israel and 5 groups went to Europe.

Amongst these projects we had a Euro-Med project in Poland, a project that involved youth and young adults from Poland, Israel, Greece, Sweden, Turkey and Jordan. We had also a special trilateral project with Germany-Lithuania sponsored by the German institute “Peace for Europeans” that dealt with the righteous persons and Holocaust survivors. We also had a unique project of a youth performing group that went to perform in Dresden. This performing group was the first Israeli performing group appearing in Dresden during the Hanukah holiday. the project was in cooperation with the youth wing of the Rishon-Le-Zion municipality.

Last but definitely not least was an adult group visiting Israel for their first time. These were the parents of those German youth that came to visit us in the previous years.

2008 was a good year! We made great progress in achieving our goals and long term plans. During 2008 we carried out 11 projects involving 171 participants. 8 groups came to Israel and 3 went to Europe. More than 150 Israeli families were hosts to our European guests. The different projects achieved their goals and broadened our scope and possibilities for 2009.


Some examples of our Past Programs:

Melensemble Musical Youth Group, Israel, 2008

Holland Youth Exchange - December 2007

Dresden youth performing group - December 2007


Future Programs:

2010 summer programs