Israeli and European Youth Exchanges

I & EYE (R.A.) is a non-profit organization composed of volunteers. Most of our members are young adults who participated in one of the youth exchanges.
We are the initiators, promoters and organizers of youth exchanges offering our knowledge and services to several Israeli municipalities and youth organizations (free of charge).

Our mission is to create bridges of understandings and cooperation between youth and young adults living in Israel, Europe and the Middle-East and create “good will ambassadors” for the State of Israel.

Each year we have 5-6 bilateral youth exchanges with different youth organizations in Europe. During 2006 & 2007 we sent also several performing Israeli youth groups to perform in different cities in Europe (Munster, Koln, Amsterdam, Dresden, Ahaus and Hann and Munden). We participated in bi-lateral projects funded by the “Peace for Europe Foundation” and got first prize for their educational merit. We participated so far in several Euro-Med projects as partners; the last project was in March 2007 in Poland.

We were responsible for the planning and implementation of a great Action 1 Youth Exchange project that involved 2 youth groups from the Middle-East and 4 European youth groups. This project involved 92 youth.

We strive for excellence, our programs are open for all who want to take part in a youth exchange, and we try to make our projects affordable. One of our basic rules is having home hospitality since we want the participants to get to know each other and learn from each other by living together.

We as members are in charge of all the activities carried out.
During 2007 we carried out successfully projects, for youth, young adults and adults involving a total of 147 participants who went to Europe or came to Israel.
We hope that in 2008 we shall be able to increase the number of the exchanges and take part in projects initiated by other organizations.

Dr. Shmulik Lahar, President